426 Hemi & ABRB

Valve Spring Removal Tools by Detroit City DiscountsTM

The tools available for sale are designed to work on the
MOPAR ® 426 HEMI ® style family of engines 1964-71 and the
big block and small block wedge MOPAR® engines (ABRB models).

The tools enable the user to access and replace valve springs
and/ or valve stem seals in a safer,
less time consuming manner than traditional methods.

They can be used on either the intake or exhaust valves. 
No major engine disassembly required allowing
removal of the valve springs through triple roller cam springs, 
whether the engine is installed in the vehicle or not.

There is no need for removing the cylinder head bolts,
rocker shaft assembly, the vehicles hood, or draining the
antifreeze ( if cylinder head bolts are removed) .

The tools are user friendly.
Unlike the hand lever type tools that may require using a dummy rocker
shaft for the hand lever tool to hook onto. 
That means removing the rocker shaft assembly!  

These high quality, AMERICAN MADE tools were designed
for mechanics with limited experience & professional mechanics alike.

They are unlike any other and are destined to become a "must have" tool.

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Type S thru XL   $18.99 each
2X thru 3X   $19.99 each
            4X   $21.99 each

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